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Partial List of Research Proposal Subjects and Topics "B"

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See the bottom of this page for an alphabetized directory of all PhD research proposals topics (A–Z).
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B MovieB2B Market
BA DegreeBaath Party (Ba'ath)
BabbittBabe Ruth
Babi YarBaby Boomers
Baby FoodBabylon
BabyloniaBabylonian Literature
Bachelor of Arts DegreeBachelor of Science Degree (BS)
Back PainBackpacking
BactriaBad Credit
Baha'u'llah (Bahaullah) Hidden WordsBahai
BahamasBahasa Indonesia
BahrainBaja California
Balance of TradeBalance Sheet
Balanced BudgetBalanced Scorecard
BalboaBald Eagle
Baldassare CastiglioneBaldness
BaliBali Terrorist Attack
Balkan History of the BalkansBalkan States
Balkan WarsBalkanization
BalkansBall Games
Ballet DancersBallet History of Ballet
BallisticsBallroom Dance
Balthasar (Balthazar)Baltic States (Baltics)
Band InstrumentsBanding
BangladeshBangladeshi History of Bangledesh
Bank Bailout (Bail Out)Bank of America Corporation (Company)
Bank of EnglandBank of New York
Bank One Corporation (Company)Bank Profitability
BankingBanking History of Banking
Banking in the Arab WorldBanking Law
BankruptcyBanned Books
Banquo's Ghost MacbethBantu Languages
Baptism of the Lord (Baptism of Christ)Baptist
Baptist SalvationBar Bat Mitzvah
Barack ObamaBarbados
Barbara KingsolverBarbarians
Barbary StatesBarbie Doll
Barchester TowersBarcodes (Barcoding)
Bardo ThodolBariatric Surgery
BariumBarium Enema
BarleyBarn Burning
Barnaby RudgeBarnes & Noble
BaronessBaroque Age
Baroque ArchitectureBaroque Art
Baroque DanceBaroque Literature
Baroque MusicBaroque Period Era Age
Barry Bonds and Balco SteroidsBarry Goldwater
Bartleby the ScrivenerBaruch Spinoza
Basal ReadersBaseball
Baseball Hall of FameBaseball History of Baseball
Baseball UmpireBasilica
BasketballBasketball Hall of Fame
Basketball History of BasketballBasque Culture
Basque NationalismBassas Da India
BatsBattered Women Syndrome (BWS)
Battle (Siege) of PetersburgBattle at Wounded Knee
Battle of AgincourtBattle of Antietam
Battle of BritainBattle of Bull Run Manasses
Battle of Bunker HillBattle of Chickamauga
Battle of Dien Bien PhuBattle of Fredericksburg
Battle of GettysburgBattle of Iwo Jima
Battle of Jenin 2002Battle of Lepanto
Battle of LifeBattle of Little Bighorn
Battle of NormandyBattle of Shiloh
Battle of Stalingrad LeningradBattle of the Bulge
Battle of Tora Bora Mountains & CaveBattle of Waterloo
Battle RoyalBattles of the Mexican American War
Battlestar GalacticaBavaria
Bay of PigsBay of Pigs Invasion
BayerBayesian Network
Beach ErosionBean Trees
Bear StearnsBears
BeastsBeat Generation (Beatnik)
Beat Generation Era LiteratureBeatles Music Group Band
BeatniksBeatrix Potter
BeautyBeauty and the Beast
Beauty PageantsBeauty Therapy
Beaux ArtsBeaver
Because I Could Not Stop for DeathBed Bath & Beyond
Bedwetting (Bed-Wetting)Beef Hormones
Beekeeping (Beekeeper)Beer
Beer AdvertisingBeethoven
Behavior ManagementBehavior Modification
Behavioral DisordersBehavioral Neuroscience
Behavioral PsychologyBehavioral Science
BehaviorismBehaviorism Psychology
Behavioural EconomicsBeijing
Bela BartokBelarus
Belgian CongoBelgian History of Belgium
BelizeBelizean History of Belize
Bell CurveBell Hooks
Bell JarBell's Palsy
Bellsouth Corporation (Company)Beloved
Below the LineBen Jonson
Ben OkriBenchmarks
Benedetto CroceBeneficence
Benefit of the DoubtBenefits
Benefits of MarriageBenelux Countries
Bengali LiteratureBenin
Benita an African RomanceBenito Cereno
Benito MussoliniBenjamin Franklin
Benjamin HarrisonBenjamin Netanyahu
Benvenuto CelliniBeowulf
BereavementBergen Op Zoom
Bering Strait Land Bridge TheoryBerkeley
Berlin AirliftBerlin History of Berlin
Berlin Olympics 1936Berlin Wall
BermudaBermuda Triangle
BerserkersBertolt Brecht
Bertrand RussellBest Buy
Best PracticeBest Seller (Bestseller)
BestialityBetter Homes and Gardens
Betting (Bet)Betty Crocker
Betty FriedanBeverages
Beverly ClearyBeyond the Horizon
BF SkinnerBhagavad Gita
Bhopal Disaster TragedyBhutan
BibleBible (Biblical) Studies
Bible and Qur'an (Quran)Bible as Literature
Bible CodeBible Exegesis
Bible Mythology (Biblical Myth)Bible Religion
Bible VerseBiblical Abraham
Biblical AramaicBiblical Archaeology
Biblical CanonBiblical Figure
Biblical GeographyBiblical Magi
Biblical NamesBiblical Passages
Biblical ProphetBiblical Prophets
BibliotherapyBicycle Motorcycle Bike Helmet Law
Big Bang TheoryBig Brother
Big DipperBig Game Species Animal
Big ScienceBig Tobacco
Big Two Hearted RiverBigfoot
Biker CultureBiking
Bilingual (Bilingualism)Bilingual Education
Bill ClintonBill Cosby
Bill GatesBill Moyers
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