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WARNINGOur Warning about Other Sites
Read below for specific examples and links.
Remember, you get what you pay for . . . .
Consumer Alert:  During the last 5 years, the American research industry has become infested with low-quality, fraudulent, foreign companies seeking to make a quick dollar by deceiving unsuspecting customers in the United States.  These bogus Web sites from Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, and the Phillipines use their suspiciously low prices and false promises to lure American students into their traps.  You should never have to worry about receiving a low-quality, improperly-formatted, outdated, recycled, plagiarized paper with countless errors in spelling and grammar.  In contrast, our professional, AMERICAN writers produce new papers on an individual basis, so our research materials are unique, original, technically precise, and up-to-date.  The information below explains why you MUST AVOID all foreign sites, subscription sites, membership sites, free sites, and database sites.
Hello, valued guest,

As an honest company, we feel obligated to warn you about certain types of "dissertation" or "thesis" Web sites.  Below, we explain how to identify foreign companies that provide low-quality material, and reveal many of the tricks that other sites use to attract unsuspecting customers.  Unlike most other services currently online, is located in the United States.  Our contracted, professional writers are from English-speaking countries, including America, Britain, Australia, and Canada.  Even if you don't spend a penny here at, you must continue reading in order to protect yourself from possible fraud and deceptive advertising techniques.  I'm sure that you are a smart consumer, so you're probably comparing to other sites.  If you do not choose our service, despite our guarantees, the information below will be quite useful when continuing your search.  We welcome any questions you may have, and appreciate your feedback.  Thank you.
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Protect Yourself from Possible Fraud

It can be very difficult for customers to find honest companies amongst the hundreds of foreign and low-quality "dissertation" and "thesis" sites.  Many services are operated by amateur teenagers out of their bedrooms, or unskilled laborers in countries such as Romania, Pakistan, Ukraine, and India.  Of course, the owners of these sites CLAIM that they operate "an American business" and/or that their writers are "English speakers with master and doctoral degrees."  That is a blatant lie.  The owners of foreign, copycat sites steal our ideas and claim to provide quality services.  Don't be fooled by their deception and completely bogus credentials.  Anyone can create a "pretty" Web site and fill it with lies, empty promises, fake awards, and deceptive advertising techniques.  You should be suspicious and hesitate to do business with sites that include or claim ANY of the following:
  1. Be extremely cautious of any "essay" or "term paper" site that uses to receive payment.
    (Why?  It is extremely difficult for fraudulent, foreign companies to maintain accounts with reputable, American payment processors, such as PayPal and Western Union.  PayPal and Western Union have zero tolerance for fraudulent activity.  Foreign companies don't even bother to open accounts with PayPal anymore, as PayPal soon closes their accounts because of the extremely high number of complaints regarding poor quality, non-receipt of product, and fraud.  Instead, these fraudulent, foreign companies choose, which is much less strict.)

  2. AVOID any site that provides you with a FAX number beginning with "775" (775-242-6880, 775-599-4716, 775-667-6755, 775-720-0593, etc.;  a notoriously fraudulent, Pakistani operation owns dozens of different sites and dozens of different FAX numbers that begin with the digits "775.")

  3. Suspiciously low prices   -   (Obvious sign of a foreign company!)
  4. "Flexible Payment Plan"   -   (They fool customers into sending a partial payment, and the customers never hear from that "company" again.)
  5. Initial payment of $99   -   (Related to the "Flexible Payment Plan" scam mentioned above.)
  6. Over 100,000 or 1,000,000 papers   -   (Impossible--they are insulting your intelligence.)
  7. Recurring billing   -   (They will bill you again if you don't cancel.)
  8. Password login   -   (They want you to believe that their papers are exclusive.)
  9. Coupons   -   (Their way of making you THINK that you are getting a deal.)
  10. Monthly subscriptions   -   (Low-quality, outdated, recycled, plagiarized papers.)
  11. Fake customer testimonials or pictures   -   (They must think you are a fool.)
  12. Memberships   -   (More low-quality, outdated, recycled, plagiarized papers.)
  13. Fake awards   -   (Again, completely fraudulent!)
  14. "Donate a Paper"   -   (They want to sell YOUR work to others, without compensating you!)
  15. "Coupon Bag"   -   (Another way to make you THINK that you are getting a bargain.)
  16. "Hot Deals"   -   (You are NOT getting a deal--you are getting robbed.)
  17. "Needy Students"   -   (They prey on desperate students with tight budgets.)
  18. "Immediate Access" to an entire database   -   (You get "immediate access" to junk.)
  19. "Join"   -   (They want you to believe that access to their papers is limited.)
  20. "Free Revision Facility"   -   (Again, of course that should be free!)
  21. "Register"   -   (They see you as a walking "cash register"--don't fall for it.)
  22. "Customized Attention"   -   (Shouldn't that be automatic?)
  23. "Special Discounts"   -   (They charge everyone the same price--don't be fooled.)

Monthly Subscription, Membership, and Database Sites

If you want quality papers, AVOID sites that offer monthly database memberships or subscriptions.  They insult your intelligence by claiming they have 100,000 or even 1,000,000 different papers.  Of course, that is a lie.  It would take at least 50 years for a staff of 100 writers to produce 1,000,000 quality papers.  Many of these sites can offer lower prices because they copy-and-paste from published sources and "borrow" recycled papers from FREE sites.  They sell the same, low-quality, outdated papers repeatedly to thousands of students every day.  And just think--if YOU can gain access to their database, so can millions of other students, even in your own school!  Database sites post questions like, "Why pay for only one essay when you can get instant access to thousands of essays for $14.95?"  The answer is quite OBVIOUS--a bunch of old, plagiarized, low-quality papers have absolutely no research value because the information is outdated and well-known to thousands of academic professionals worldwide.  On the other hand, one ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE paper from PhD-Dissertations is exactly what you need to help provide you with a solid foundation of unique, innovative research for any paper that you must write.

Subscription sites usually charge $9.95 to $29.95/month.  However, these services do NOT reveal that they own many FREE sites, as well.  The SAME papers are included in their paid membership sites AND free sites!  That's right--they claim that their papers are "exclusive," but thousands of other students--even in your own classes--are downloading the EXACT SAME papers for FREE on many low-quality sites.  And do you know how these database sites obtain many papers?  They receive papers from high school and ESL students in exchange for "free" membership.  Their papers are low-quality, unedited, and infested with errors.  You submit payment, and they get a good laugh--at YOUR expense.  And that's not all--these sites DEPEND on the fact that many customers forget to cancel their monthly memberships, and their credit cards are automatically charged AGAIN the next month!  When customers complain, they are told that the charge is non-refundable.

Many sites allow you to view their low-quality, recycled papers for free, but only AFTER you submit one of your OWN papers in exchange.  That is one of the ways in which many paid membership sites obtain papers.  To protect yourself, you must be suspicious and hesitate to do business with ANY of the companies listed below.  You don't want a Pakistani teenager assigned to YOUR order, do you? employs ONLY master-level/doctoral-level, native English-speaking writers in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia.  For expertise, quality, exclusivity, and guarantees that you can trust, make the right decision--choose


How to Avoid Foreign Sites

Firstly, you must avoid any site that uses an order form like this one.  Many different sites use that EXACT SAME (or very similar) order form.  They are all owned by the most notorious, low-quality, foreign company.

Although a small percentage of sites are based in the United States or another English-speaking country, most are based in a foreign country, such as Romania, Pakistan, Ukraine, India, etc.  If you ask them to provide you with their corporate address, they will either ignore you or give you an excuse like, "We are an Internet company only."  The owners of these sites realize that intelligent customers do not want to pay an unskilled teenager in Pakistan or a student in Romania to complete an important project.  Therefore, the owners will not reveal their true location or admit that their writers are purely amateurs with absolutely no ability (or intention) to provide customers with quality material that is based on American/English standards.  Foreign sites do NOT abide by the laws and regulations of America, Britain, Canada, Australia, or any other English-speaking country.  Many of our customers have been victimized by such thieves in the past.  Sadly, innocent customers are often powerless in recovering funds from these off-shore con-artists.  What may be even more unfortunate is the loss of valuable time for customers--like YOU--who must adhere to demanding schedules and strict deadlines.

AVOID any site containing language, wording, punctuation, or grammar that is suspiciously "non-American."  Foreign sites use words such as "grade-winning," "score," and "avail," which native English-speakers NEVER use., however, is located in the United States--not in Pakistan or another foreign country where English is NOT the native language.  Do NOT entrust your important project to an amateur, dishonest, foreign service whose cheap laborers are unable to write a coherent sentence in the English language.  (You can see that the owners of many sites lack the simple skill necessary to recognize the spelling mistakes, punctuation blunders, and grammatical errors on their own Web sites!  Why would you trust them to complete YOUR important order?)  Do NOT make the mistake of choosing a foreign service over just because the price may be a bit lower.  That is EXACTLY how foreign sites lure you into their trap!

If the price of another service seems too good to be true, it surely is.  For your convenience, we have included an alphabetized list of ASIAN, ROMANIAN, and PAKISTANI sites, which represents only a small percentage of the 1,000+ foreign sites on the Internet that attempt to FOOL customers into believing that they provide American writers and perfect grammar:
Be extremely suspicious of sites that charge a penny less than $17.00 per page for custom research/writing.  After years of trial-and-error, we have proven that $17.00 per page is the absolute lowest rate at which we are able to hire experienced, professional, American writers at doctoral level.  Doctoral-level writers in the United States simply will NOT work for any less than $17.00 per page, so beware of any site that charges $7.95, $9.95, $13.00, or even $15.00 per page.  Despite what they may claim, all of their writers do NOT possess Master or Doctoral degrees.  Remember, if the price of another service seems too good to be true, it surely is.

Sites that charge less than $17.00/page are more than likely NOT based in the United States, and blatantly LIE about their writers' skills, capabilities, and experience.  They are able to charge lower fees in American dollars because they pay unskilled, foreign laborers with the undervalued currency of Pakistan, Yemen, and other third-world countries.  Their foreign writers are nowhere near master- or doctoral-level in American standards, and often have absolutely no grasp of proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, or any other standard writing guidelines in the English language.  Again, you don't want a Pakistani teenager attempting to complete YOUR order, do you?

If you find a Web site that charges customers $7.95/page for custom writing, you must realize that the writer receives only a small portion of that $7.95--perhaps $3.00 or less.  In fact, many of these fly-by-night, foreign sites pay their amateur, third-world writers as little as $0.70 per page.  That's right--LESS than $1.00!  Now, do you really believe that an accomplished, master- or doctoral-level writer in America would research and write a 200-page dissertation for a grand total of $140.00 in compensation?  OF COURSE NOT!  In contrast, we pay our professional writers as much as $2,400 to write a 200-page dissertation.  How does that benefit YOU?  Well, we hire only American and native English-speaking writers who possess at least a master's degree in a particular field of study.  We pay our professional writers very well, and they consistently produce excellent material for our customers.  We receive hundreds of employment applications every year, but hire ONLY the most talented, experienced, and professional writers in America, Britain, Canada, and other English-speaking countries.  Our customers receive material of the highest quality--period.  Of course, writers are only human, and because of that inherent limitation, even William Shakespeare committed an occasional error or overlooked a minor detail.  In the unlikely event that your order does not adhere to the exact specifications that you set forth, we will IMMEDIATELY rewrite the material--multiple times if necessary--for FREE.  Your satisfaction is ALWAYS our top priority!

Hidden Charges

Can you believe that many sites actually CHARGE, often PER PAGE, just to EMAIL a paper to the customer?  That is absolutely ridiculous.  The delivery charge is not revealed to the customer until AFTER he or she has spent significant time and effort placing an order.  After the customer fills out all of the order forms, and prepares to submit payment, the customer discovers that the company charges several dollars PER PAGE for email delivery!  By this time, the customer is incredibly tired and frustrated.  He or she does not want to start searching all over again.  So, out of desperation, the customer pays the ridiculous delivery charge.  Unknowingly, the customer could have received a much better paper from, with FREE email delivery upon completion.

The Difference

At, the top priority is always customer satisfaction.  Unlike other services that seek to "take the money and run," we focus on securing your RETURN business by making sure that your FIRST experience with our company is enjoyable, and the material you receive is of the highest standard.  You simply cannot trust any other site to provide even a fraction of our quality, customer service, expertise, professionalism, experience, and guarantees.  Unlike the countless sites that take advantage of unsuspecting customers by using foreign writers or charging hidden delivery fees, has been the Internet's #1 source for academic research assistance Since 2002.  There are no surprises, no secrets, no gimmicks, and absolutely no deception--only professionalism and honesty.  We hope that we have provided enough truthful information to help make your decision easier.  We have served thousands of customers over the last 6 years, and we 100% guarantee that we will provide YOU with the same peace-of-mind and quality research material.

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